A Man's Guide to Denim (Jean) Jackets

If there is one piece of clothing that is the most versatile, the first thing that comes to our mind is a jean jacket. Whether you are planning for a date, heading out for a movie night with friends, getting ready for college, or simply going out for an errand, jean jackets never let you down as they are functional, attractive, and timeless.

Why should every man have jean jackets?

If you think that jean jackets, a.k.a. denim jackets, are only for cowboys, greasers, and hipsters, you might change your perspective on this amazing apparel.


Can Be Worn Through Three Seasons

Like a pair of denim jeans, a jean jacket can be worn through three seasons due to its high endurance. It is warm enough to get you through the coolest parts of fall, light enough to style on a warm spring day. You can also wear it at the beginning and the ending of the winter season. The only times you might not want to wear jean jackets are extreme summer and coldest parts of winter.


Require Low Maintenance and Care

The biggest selling point of a jean jacket is its low maintenance. It is tough and durable and can endure in a way that more delicate fabrics (of which most clothes are made) cannot. Assuming that your jean jacket is made from 100% denim cotton, you can style it without worrying about wrinkles. It doesn’t rip or get ruined easily. If you are buying from a renowned company like Makobi, your jean jacket may last even longer.


Make Excellent Substitute of Blazers and Sports Jackets

Even though denim jackets have become more fashionable and diverse in designs, you will always get a casual vibe from your jean jackets. And that is part of their appeal. They create some distance between the casual you and the formal you. So, when you want to feel more comfortable while being stylish, you can always go for jean jackets. What’s more, they also make an excellent replacement for sports jackets.


How to Buy Men’s Jean Jackets

Shopping for jean jackets can be a real stress-buster. With so many cool designs and creative styles, you always have something new when shopping at the right online store. However, there are some things that you should know to achieve the perfect denim look.

  • Buy a jean jacket that already has a good fit and snug instead of buying one that needs significant adjustments. The length of the sleeves should end right around the wrist.
  • Look for the nice straight lines throughout your figure and ensure that the jacket doesn’t billow or sag in visible folds. The sides and shoulders of the jacket should have clean planes while the front and back should fall smooth and straight.
  • Length can vary depending on the jacket style but most jean jackets are cut right around the waist. A too-long jean jacket may look like an untucked shirt and a too-short jean jacket may give a girly look.
  • The blue jean jackets are the most common; however, non-blue colors are fashion-forward. You can also choose to buy jean jackets in grey, olive, black, light wash, vintage wash, and white color. You also have different options in prints, such as plaid and leopard print. If you need jackets to beat the cold winter, you can also opt for jean jackets with fur collars.


At Makobi, we have a stunning collection of men’s jean jackets in diverse designs and styles, even for those with tall and big sizes. Thoughtful planning has gone in their design to ensure that our jean jackets hang perfectly through your shoulders and fit comfortably right up to the wrist. Explore our versatile and stylish jean jacket collection now!

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